Consultant, thought leader, game-changer, mentor, orator and author

Richard Veldon MCIOB, MAIB, MAIPM, MSIBL is a highly respected authority in Project and Construction Management. As well as being the author of a whole series of new learning programs in building construction. He is Founder and CEO and Principle Consultant of VELDON CORPORATION (Singapore) PTE LTD.

Driven by a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, he is committed to improving the overall standing of the industry and levels of efficiency and productivity. He believes we can do this through a transfer of knowledge and recognition for the need for change through education, innovation and adoption of latest technologies and modern project management tools, techniques and processes

Richard has over thirty-five years’ experience in corporate real estate development to project director level, in both the public and private industry sectors.

He has behind him a wealth of experience with major international contractors and property developers and has an enviable track record of delivering a broad range of large scale projects in the UK, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. He has a rare blend of experience and academic achievement and as a result is well qualified to converse about Further Education in the Built Environs.

Richard is committed to supporting the Singapore Government initiates on the Roadmap for change in the Construction Industry

Richard Veldon - Professional Builder
Richard Veldon Construction Project Management
Richard Veldon - Professional Builder

Global Footprint

Richard is an accredited Building Practitioner, and highly qualified Project and Construction Manager. He has to his list of credentials an Unrestricted High-Rise Building License and is qualified in the Thermal Performance of Buildings and Training and Assessment

Richard as a Mentor

Richard is a living encyclopaedia of practical knowledge in building construction, whose reinvent style of work drives better outcomes for clients and other project and industry stakeholders. With over 35 years’ hands-on experience, he is now distilling this knowledge and presenting it in e-Book and e-learning formats. In these eBooks and e-learning modules, he brings hands-on, from-the- ground-up training programs for property developers, construction professionals, private individuals and students of both university and polytechnics and industry association academies

Richard, the Persuasive Presenter

Donning the hat of a mentor/educator, he also conducts seminars that provide an enriching experience. These programs are specifically designed to benefit property developers, construction industry professionals as well as private homeowners, and students. Richard is spearheading an effective, long-lasting change in perception. Through his resources and mentoring, he enables people to look at building construction through a new lens of productivity and optimisation.

Taking to Teaching

A respected corporate and enterprise member of the Singapore Institute of Building and several other professional institutes, Richard is also an academician. He takes to the blackboard as a guest lecturer teaching, mentoring and advising under and postgraduate students.

Having worked for over 12 years in several ASEAN countries he is passionate about the ASIA-PAC Region and the diversities of cultures and peoples and admires their zest for learning. He believes Singapore being held in high esteem by it’s neighbours is well place to export industry innovation, knowledge and education in building and construction management to all ASEAN countries. There has never in the history of man been better opportunities to succeed than now he tells students.

Richard, the Family Man

An enthusiastic individual, Richard is passionate about football and indulges in playing his cherished top-of- the-line Yamaha keyboard. He loves to travel and share his knowledge for the industry with those he connects. Richard is a jovial family man, who treasures the company of his wife Maria Antonette and sons Rino (and Mark in London). He leads a quiet and fulfilled family life, living between Singapore his adopted home and Australia.

Richard Veldon - Green Consultant


To bring about a sensible diffusion of our precious industry knowledge, leading to enhanced levels of confidence and better skills for individuals and improved business growth for enterprises in the Building Construction industry.

\Core Values

Richard has the propensity to take challenges head-on, persevere through adverse circumstances and motivate teams to push the boundaries of excellence.
A staunch believer in the maxim ‘knowledge is power’, Richard constantly strives to stay at the vanguard of technical and managerial know how.
Richard brings to the table rich, multifaceted and insight-filled experience of 35 years in the Constrution industry on a global pedestal.