\Speaking and Consulting


Richard is a an eloquent orator who speaks with conviction. He talks plausibly and amusingly; he is gifted with an innate ability to convey complex technical concepts in a style that is easy-to-understand. His talks reverberate with knowledge and thought leadership. Lacing them with a dash of humor, he makes them lively and engaging.

Richard is sought after as a keynote speaker at various forums, which include trade and industry conferences, workshops, academic events, corporate retreats, builder association meets, among others. His subject matter expertise is evident in his talks. And so is his deep-rooted desire to enrich lives through knowledge sharing.


Real business problems demand solutions that yield quantifiable, lasting results. As a senior consultant, Richard provides valuable advisory services to global clients on wide-ranging issues. He brings to the table a repository of knowledge and insight garnered over 35 long years.

From mixed use structures to townships, from industrial parks to infrastructure developments, Richard has delivered a variety of projects. His scope of consulting covers a broad spectrum; topics range from master planning, technology advisory, use of drones in construction, pre-fab construction materials, and a lot many subjects. His focused consulting enables clients to optimize resources, maximize productivity and drive profitability in today’s hyper competitive business climate.

You can invite Richard to offer talks or schedule a consulting session with him in the following areas:

Green Living
and Design
Richard guides the audience about how to incorporate green design into the blueprint and provides practical pointers for maximizing energy efficiency, both in new buildings and existing structures.
The aim of this program is to empower the Construction Manager with the tools and resources to drive the project successfully.
Bringing about the transformation from ‘tradie’ to ‘Builder of Choice’, this seminar helps small and mid-size contractors to be more efficient, professional and productive.