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Project Construction Manager in Building

Building construction is an evolving industry. Skills augmentation and knowledge is the key to staying ahead of the curve. ‘Project Construction Manager in Building’ is a series of structured e-book and e-learning programs that provides the requisite knowledge required by the Project Construction Manager to ensure successful project outcomes.

Money, market goodwill, brand image, client relationships…a lot is at stake, especially in colossal property development projects. It is crucial to avoid cost and time overruns, keep the project on track and deliver to the desired quality norms. Project Construction Manager in Building empowers you and your project team members to achieve these objectives effectively.

It covers all the key aspects of the Project Construction Manager’s Role in Building for the full range of projects, small to medium and, medium to large scale developments. The first few modules are applicable where early involvement is necessary to ensure successful project outcomes for all stakeholders (where the Builder is engaged as a Design and Build Contractor, or plays a Construction or Management Contracting role). Later modules cater to the requirements of a traditional Building Company or Enterprise – small, medium, or large, lump sum tenders and all other forms of building contracts.

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Project Management in Corporate Real Estate Development – Professional Consultant

As the focus on timely project delivery takes centerstage in corporate real estate development the need for effective Project Management becomes more critical to project outcomes for all stakeholders.

‘Project Management in Corporate Real Estate Development – Professional Consultant’ is designed to provide a high-quality guide in easy-to- understand format for a large cross-section of users. It covers the 10 key Knowledge Areas of Project Management.

The Project Manager as the Clients Representative in Corporate Real Estate Development provides a series of supplementary seminars designed for anyone involved with the built environment. It is intended for industry professionals, builders, government departments and under or post graduate students and the public, this program provides actionable insights into the Key Knowledge Areas of Project Management and the project environment.

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Green Living and Design

The earth’s resources are limited and finite. As world citizens, it is our shared responsibility to make our planet a cleaner, healthier place for our future generations. There is a need for collective environmental stewardship; to reduce the environmental impact by integrating thoughts and actions of sustainability into all areas of project and construction management at each stage of the project life cycle

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of smart, sustainable living. There is a need to look at project and construction management on a new tangent. Green Living and Design is that powerful resource that will change your perception, awareness, and level of knowledge.

Green Living and Design is a modular project management tool available in eBook format. It is an e-learning program specifically designed to be an invaluable source of information to a wide range of stakeholders. These include but are not limited to building construction industry professionals, real estate developers, building and construction companies of all sizes, students on a wide range of courses on the built environment, and the public.

Green Living and Design is a compilation of 35 years of knowledge and expertise. The contents are thoughtfully structured and presented in a lucid style. The book provides a practical guide highlighting the advantages and procedures to be adopted when considering assessing the energy efficiency, thermal performance, and sustainability of new and existing homes and or commercial buildings.

Starting from the ground up, the e-book offers step by step instructions to improve the residential energy efficiency and sustainability development process. It gives a precise understanding of the processes and initiatives to be adopted to achieve sensible design, which eventually leads to high levels of energy efficiency and sustainability. The techniques and tips are applicable to all kinds of buildings including existing or new homes, flats, or apartments, including remodelling or renovations.

The e-book puts the user/reader in the driver’s seat; it shows how to establish the client or project design brief, scope of work, select and engage the project team, and empower the user to make informed decisions regarding the key criteria required to achieve the desired EER (Energy Efficiency Rating).

Now no need to refer to scores of manuals. Green Living and Design is the definitive, comprehensive guide for eco-enabled design and construction, it even includes chapters on what constitutes a ‘wellbeing building’ and ‘biophillic’ architecture or design.

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Owner Builder/Project Manager

It’s often a shocking experience a homeowner could easily do without: the builder blowing the budget or stretching the project timeline. Whether it is constructing a new house or remodelling an existing property, homeowners often end up with delay, disappointment, and a pinch to their pocket.

Not anymore! Owner Builder/Project Manager now comes to your rescue. If you are a home owner planning to build a new home/ remodel an existing home, this feature-packed eBook will demonstrate how to put quality, cost, and time on your side. The book places you in the driving seat.

Decoding and demystifying project management, the eBook shows ‘How to Be Your Own Project Manager’. It guides the user on how to plan, manage, and control all aspects of the project through the various phases of the Project Life Cycle. The objective is to supply you with the right tools, knowledge and level of self-confidence and belief to manage your project and deal with contractors without fear of failure.

Packed with authoritative advice and tips, the eBook shows you how to roll out your project in accordance with government legislation, schedule, budget and desired quality standards. It is enriched with easy-to-understand flow charts, diagrams, illustrations; even non-technical users can easily figure out and quickly adopt the concepts in practice.

So, if you are contemplating building/remodelling your home or apartment a copy of Owner Builder/Project Manager is all it takes to take control and drive the project smoothly. Save effort, cost, and time; get better outcomes highlighted by a sense of fulfilment and delight.

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Professional Builder/Project Manager

Many small to mid-scale property developers are often old school; they can do better with the suave, and refined image – both as an individual and entrepreneur. Professional Builder/Project Manager will trigger the transformation; it will help improve your training in business practice, build better client relationships and grow your small enterprise into a highly respected market leader. If you wholeheartedly aspire to shun the ‘tradie’ tag and don the hat of ‘smart builder’, Professional Builder/Project Manager is just for you.

Professional Builder/Project Manager is a structured e-learning program that aims to enhance your level of professionalism in the industry. It will enable you to boost image and self-esteem at an individual level; teaches top presentation skills and professional techniques; empowers you with the self-confidence, belief, and business acumen to seamlessly guide clients through the design and build process, from detailed brief to practical completion and handover, to create a positive worry-free experience with realistic expectations and rock-solid building contracts.

The eBook also trains you how to tap into new opportunities, successfully convert business leads and improve client satisfaction. It helps to improve overall efficiency and performance to become the ‘Builder of Choice’.

How you stand to gain with the eBook:

  • Present yourself and your business professionally to become a preferred
  • Guide clients through the build process to create a positive, worry-free
  • Gain a detailed brief from your client and produce building contracts;
  • Plan and program each project, its’ life cycle, and key phases;
  • Define the project team members’ role and responsibilities;
  • Scope consultants’ work;
  • Source independent advice in key areas;
  • Apply for finance and learn what the banks or financiers look for;
  • Tender for projects and navigate contract negotiations;
  • Structure payments, administration contracts and contract variations; and
  • Obtain property valuations.

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