Green Living & Design

A Guidebook for Achieving Specified EER in Residential Construction


Richard Veldon’s Green Living and Design is the definitive guide for maximizing the energy performance in homes.

Governments in most nations have tabled legislation, making it mandatory to build energy efficient homes. Owners/project managers must ensure EER compliance before they initiate work on their new construction or remodeling.

Green Living and Design is a compendium of hands-on tips and techniques for accomplishing the specified EER value. Working from the ground up, Richard breaks down the concepts into a lucid, phase-wise process. Writing with authority and conviction, he offers practical advice for effectively integrating green design principles into the construction project. The eBook resonates with his expertise and thought leadership in Construction Project Management. It is a credible source of knowledge for Owners, Owner/Builder’s Project Managers,  Designers and Consultants, Contractors, Construction Firms, Project Managers and University Students. Readers gain actionable insights that help them fulfill their ‘green home’ objectives, smartly and effectively.

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