Owner/Builder Project Manager

How Homeowners Can Gain Better Control over Their Dream Project


Richard Veldon’s Owner Builder Project Manager is the authoritative handbook for owners who want to build/renovate a home without cutting corners.

The eBook empowers owners with the ideas and abilities to successfully create their cherished dream home. Replete with practical tips, it offers sound strategic advice for owners to plan, manage, and control all aspects of the project through the various phases of the Project Life Cycle. Putting the owner in the driver’s seat, this eBook tells how owners can be the Project Manager and how they can optimize cost, assure quality and ensure on-time project completion.

Brimming with clarity of thought, this resourceful eBook brings out Richard’s 30+ years’ experience and in-depth expertise in the arena of Construction Project Management. Thanks to Owner Builder Project Manager, budgets will now not go through the roof or timelines will not get stretched!

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